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Martin Feld

Digital Communication Specialist, PhD Student and Podcaster
Wollongong, Australia

Hello and thanks for visiting!

I live in the beautiful coastal city of Wollongong (on Dharawal Country) with my wife, Natasha, and our baby son, Mac.

I work in digital communication for BlueScope and am also an avid podcaster, undertaking a part-time PhD at UOW on RSS-based tech podcasts.

When I'm not writing and recording, I love to spend time with family, listen to music and watch anything that falls into the category of dystopian sci-fi or drama.


Lounge Ruminator — extended writing

Feld Notes — quick posts and photos


Really Specific Stories — part-time PhD on RSS-based tech podcasting (in progress)

Hemispheric Views — a fun tech podcast with my co-hosts Andrew Canion and Jason Burk

One Prime Plus — Patreon site for Hemispheric Views with bonus material

Lounge Ruminator — academic journaling and interviews on media, technology and language

Feld Notes — interviews on family history

Voices of BlueScope — recording, hosting and editing an interview show for my employer


RadioDoc Review — editorial work at an academic journal

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